Slimblade keyboard, mouse combo gives a little love to the southpaw

Hey lefties, the years of gadget discrimination are slowly coming to an end. Peripheral manufacturer Kensington has given in to the riots and demands by the lefties with the SlimBlade Media Notebook Set. Sure, they may be selling the combo based on its slim size, but the most important factor is the ease of transformation into a left-hander's dream.

There are two factors that allow this combo to be loved by all — the detachable numeric keypad and the uniformly shaped mouse. Detach the numeric pad from the right side, attach it on the left and swap the mouse to the other side for a setup that even the most lefty of left-handers can enjoy and be productive with. The combo will set you back $102.92, which is a bit high for a keyboard/mouse combo — price discrimination, anyone? I smell a lawsuit.

Kensington SlimBlade, via Popgadget