Razer Mako speakers lay down some serious power while looking cool

If our favorable impression of Razer products such as the Pro|Type keyboard and Mantis gaming mouse pad is any indication, these Razer Mako speakers might be worth the wait for their December ship date. This THX-certified 2.1 speaker system looks like a trio of toadstools with a wired controller attached, and can hook up via its 3.5mm auxiliary input jack to your PC or music player, or a stereo system with its RCA audio input. It brings the serious specs; the most impressive is its 300 watts total system power, bi-amped into six channels that each get 50 watts' worth.

Lately we've been thinking George Lucas's THX outfit will put its once-coveted nameplate on just about any audio product as long as Lucas gets his paycheck, but this Razer Mako might turn us around. Its downward-firing THX Ground Plane and Slot Speaker design has a chance of making a sonic difference. The frequency response claim of 30Hz to 20,000Hz, cranked out through the systems ClassHD digital amplifier technology, might just be worth listening to. Now the big unanswered question is, at what cost comes all that power and tech?

Razer, via CrunchGear