Radio-controlled arthropods are horrifyingly realistic

Get out of the way ladies, because here come the Discovery Radio-Controlled Arthropods, exact replicas of the creepiest, crawliest gigantic bugs on earth. Instead of killing bugs, you'll revel in their presence underfoot as you charge up one of these 4.4-inch mech bugs in about two minutes, and then send it scampering around the kitchen, startling everyone wherever it goes and eliciting squeals of terror, delight or both.

Its rolling chassis gives you a choice of three lifelike snap-on insect exoskeletons, including a rhinoceros beetle, hissing cockroach and Hercules beetle. Direct all the mayhem with a kooky remote controller and charger that looks like a tree branch. Delivering lots of scare for your buck at $24.95, it ships October 17, just in time for Halloween.

Discovery Channel Store, via 7 Gadgets