Plug-in hybrid sports car with impressive pedigree to debut in January

Pardon us while we go nuts over this teaser photo of an upcoming hybrid sports car that auto industry wonks say will make its debut at the upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this January. To be built by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies and coachbuilder Fisker Automotive (designer of BMWs and Aston-Martins), there are plans to manufacture 15,000 of the as-yet-unnamed cars annually starting in late 2008, with each one priced at under $100K.

What really has our interest piqued is the way the car goes one step beyond the technology inside the upcoming Tesla Roadster, which is electric-only. This new luxo-sport road rocket will use an innovative plug-in hybrid technology called Quantum Drive, a hybrid electric/gas power plant that can be plugged in at the owner's home garage for easy charging, and also refuel at any gas station on the road. For this, we sing the body (hybrid) electric, with hopes that someday all cars will be made this way.