Orbit portable MP3 player speaker sounds like beautiful fairies singing lullabies

Miniature MP3 players are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but I did a double take upon seeing the Orbit. Why? Because the Orbit is made by Altec Lansing, which is generally known for producing high-quality audio equipment.

Upon further investigation the Orbit is better than the average bear. It includes what Altec Lansing is calling Fusion360 technology that uses the one small speaker to create a 360 degree sound atmosphere. If you must pump your MP3 tunes through a portable speaker, this Altec Lansing Orbit is the cat's pajamas, especially at $40. For the sake of everyone else, just avoid using it in public because no matter the quality of the speaker, your progressive trance is always annoying.

Altec Lansing Orbit, via Gadget Lab