OnStar to remotely control cars to prevent high-speed chases

OnStar, the service that lets you report an accident, get directions, or have you car unlocked remotely when you lock your keys inside, is about to add a new service to help deter auto thefts. The new feature will allow you to call OnStar up when your car's been stolen. They'll let the cops know where the car is via GPS, then when the cops have it in sight, they'll then slow your car to a stop wherever it may be. No more high speed chases for that robber.

It's a great feature, one that should make cars much easier to recover once they've been stolen. Unless the thief has a death wish and veers off a bridge as the car is taken under OnStar control, chances are they'll just leave it where it stops, allowing you to go retrieve it. It'll be available on 2009 models with OnStar.

Product Page, via Oh Gizmo!