Nissan's Pivo concept has a robot buddy built-in

Nissan's really looking to change up the look and feel of cars, or at least their concept autos are really out there. Just take a look at this Pivo concept car, which not only looks really strange but also comes with a friendly talking robot built into the dash named Papero.

The three-seated electric car has a cabin that can rotate all the way around, eliminating the need for backing up. As for Papero, he keeps tabs on you, saying things like "You look tired. There's a coffee shop 500 meters ahead on the left" and "You're so wasted, I can't believe you're driving drunk again." If he senses you're in a bad mood, he'll even try to cheer you up. It sounds like R2D2 only way more annoying. Maybe that part should just stay a concept.

Via New Launches