Nissan NV200 mobile office shortens morning commute to about two seconds

Ready for the commute to the office? Just unbuckle your seatbelt, turn around and — voilà! — you're only a few steps away, your office attached to the rear of the van and all. Driving to the work site, I suppose, is another matter.

The Nissan NV200 concept vehicle is designed for people who find themselves working all over the place. The rear of the cubicle-on-wheels slides out and, as if by magic, the driver has a roomy office space to step into and exterior storage areas that are fully customizable. At the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, for example, Nissan decked out the NV200 to be an ocean photographer's dream come true, with snorkels, flippers, an editing station and the like. Nissan hopes the NV200 will be attractive to those who use light commercial vehicles.

Winding Road, via BornRich