New nanotech could deliver terabyte thumb drives in just a few years

Thumb drives are completely awesome, making the data CD basically obsolete by allowing us to carry around gigs of data on tiny, rewriteable drives that can plug into any computer. Who doesn't have at least one small thumb drive kicking around to help them move documents between computers?

Well, those are nice, but if a new technology completes its development, we could be carrying around terabyte thumb drives in the not-too-distant future. The tech, called programmable metallization cell (PMC), is apparently one-tenth the cost of and 1,000 times as energy-efficient as flash memory. It's being developed by researchers at Arizona State University, and they claim the tech could be ready for prime time in a matter of just a few years. Bring on the age of terabyte-packed cellphones and MP3 players!

Via Wired