LG 32-inch plasma TV is the smallest ever, interestingly enough

The world of consumer electronics, especially home theater, is an interesting one. Manufacturers are generally looking to one up each other with bigger and better goods. LG has thrown these rules outside of the window by busting onto the market with a world's smallest — a world's smallest plasma TV, specifically. One would generally not expect a world's smallest to come in at 32 inches, unless you are LG unveiling the 32PC5RV.

Plasma TVs have generally been reserved for those big honking displays that the average Joe puts a lot of thought into, but less often actually buys. This 32-inch plasma from LG will actually be fairly competitive and affordable at $1,000 when it hits the shores in November. Other notable specs include the 1,800:1 contrast ratio, 550 lumens brightness and less-than-stellar 852x480 resolution.

Via I4U