Infinity Mirror, updated for the 21st century with LEDs

You may have seen a mirror like this before, with points of light that seem to lead off into infinity and beyond. Well, maybe not infinity, but it seems like it's at least 5 feet deep. This 60"x36" Infinity Mirror from Light Energy Studio adds a whole new dimension to that decorative item that's graced bachelor pads, whorehouses and cheap bars for decades. What's the trick? Three little letters: LED.

As soon as LEDs get involved, lots of possibilities open up, including the ability to create crazy light shows in millions of colors. Using the included software on your PC, you can program your unique creations into a keypad controller with eight presets. If the whole thing gets too dazzling for you, you can dim its LEDs, too.

Tired of looking at it on your wall? Add legs to it and use it as a coffee table. The only catch is, lady's man, you'd better start saving up your money if you want to spiff up your bachelor pad with this somewhat tacky but oddly satisfying accoutrement, because it'll cost you $3800.

Light Energy Studio, via Uber Gizmo