Hyundai W-100 does a a lot more than you thought a watch could

If you were the kind of kid who ran around pretending your $1.25 watch from the drugstore was a 2-way wrist radio like Dick Tracy's, then the idea of a watch/cell phone hybrid might be a dream come true.

The GSM Cect mobile watch phone returns as the Hyundai W-100 and is packed with even more features. Besides being equipped with Bluetooth and playing MP3s, the W-100 will now let you watch videos and store photos taken with its 1.3 megapixel camera. Of course, the one thing the W-100 doesn't do is help you not look goofy when talking to your watch. Most of the buzz for the W-100 has been abroad and there's a good chance it might not make it to this side of the world, but don't hang that yellow trench coat up yet.

PhoneDaily, via CrunchGear