How to Comment, Victorian style

Pray, kittens, what do you think of the delightful new Zunes? Or that to-die-for Whirlpool refrigerator that makes coffee? Or bloggers that pretend to talk like effeminate 18th-century socialites? If you're simply twisting in your corsets and sock garters to share your thoughts on these novel and possibly disturbing phenomena, but are unsure of the technical particulars, fret not. The methodology is as follows:

  • 1) Click on the post's headline or "Comments" link.
  • 2) Scroll down to the spot where it says "Post a comment."
  • 3) Click on "Sign in."
  • 4) If you don't have a SCI FI handle, click on "Get started here" and follow the registration instructions. It takes only a minute and all you need is an e-mail address.
  • 5) Now you're prepared. Direct your Web browser back to the post to begin your discourse.