Hovercraft surprises, floats its way into our hearts

Maybe I have been asleep for too long, but a New Zealander has come out of nowhere with a homemade hovercraft. The designer, Rudy Heeman, has been working on this craft for the past 11 years and has experienced some painful trial and errors in the testing phase, but it seems to be mostly functional now.

The craft can get to speeds upwards of 60 MPH and includes extendable wings to assist in the hovering/flying process at those top speeds. It can hover up to six feet above the surface of the water, but the optimal height is four feet, six inches.

Officially, this isn't a hovercraft, but a "wing in ground effect vehicle," meaning a hybrid hovercraft and airplane. There is no word on commercial availability, but it is a two-seater and Heeman likely has people lining up for rides. There isn't a top to the vehicle either, so bring a helmet.

Via Far Eat Gizmos