Flux capacitor impresses the ladies, or not

"Hey baby, how 'bout you and me jump in my time machine and head back to 1985?" For some reason that line never works when trying to pick up the ladies, but now with this authentic Flux Capacitor sitting in the back of my car, the promise of reliving those glory days is one step closer to reality.

That is of course if this thing actually worked. Diamond Select Toys will be releasing several prop replicas from the Back to the Future film franchise, with the Flux Capacitor first out of the gate. The prop not only looks like the real deal; measuring 16 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 6 inches deep, it also lights up to recreate your favorite scene from the movie — powered by normal batteries, not 1.21 gigawatts of energy. No word on pricing until December when it goes on preorder. Unless you own a DeLorean, I wouldn't advise putting one of these in your hatchback and driving down the interstate at 88 mph, unless you like the police knocking on your skull and shouting, "Hello, McFly! Anyone home?!"

Via Diamond Select Toys