FingerCam, the world's smallest wireless camera is bound to get someone in trouble

The FingerCam has just strolled its miniature self into the spotlight as the world's smallest wireless color video camera. The entire camera is about the size of a dime and will rest on your finger without being seen — hence the name. The camera isn't limited to use on your finger either, it can transmit up to 600 feet away.

The kit comes ready for a bit of voyeurism with the camera, receiver, battery power adapters, RCA cable adapter and more. Fire it up and let the fun begin. A quick forewarning — those places you are already thinking of putting this camera has a good chance of being illegal, so proceed with caution. The cam is available from Spytek for $95. Click the link below to see a sample of the video quality.

Wireless Micro Video Cam, via Red Ferret