Eye-Fi wireless SD card: Uploading digital pictures so you don't have to

Let's face it: Uploading photos is a hassle. If you're at all like me, your digital pics reside in your camera for weeks, if not months, before you get around to putting them on Flickr or Snapfish or Facebook or whatever online service you use. You and I could really use an Eye-Fi memory card, which makes photo uploads as easy as putting your camera down.

Eye-Fi is essentially a 2GB SD card with built-in Wi-Fi that makes any camera wireless. But beyond letting you ditch cables and card readers, the card is equipped with software that automatically starts the upload process as soon as your camera is in range of a Wi-Fi network. That means your snapshots start appearing Flickr as soon as you get home from the party. The card can send them to your PC at the same time. It's all done through the Internet via Eye-Fi's servers.

Hands-on impressions and pricing info after the jump.

I got the chance to check out an Eye-Fi card a few weeks ago. Having used wireless cameras before, I wasn't expecting miracles. But Eye-Fi's software makes all the difference, going the extra mile to make your uploads truly effortless. The only shortcoming it that it's incompatible with commercial Wi-Fi hotspots like those in Starbucks, airports or most hotels. Open and encrypted networks (as long as you have the password, of course) are fine, though.

A 2GB Eye-Fi card is available now for $100, and it's at the top of this shutterbug's holiday wish list.

Via Eye-Fi