Ethical shopping cart tells you just what's wrong with your food

We've seen high-tech shopping carts before, loaded up with scanners and touchscreens and able to scan in your load of groceries before you hit the registers, but we've never seen one quite like this. Rather than simply tallying up what you have in your cart and storing your shopping list, a company called EDS is working on one that'll tell you a whole lot more about what you're planning to buy.

What kinds of things will it tell you? Well, the nutritional info, for one, but even more interesting is that it'll also tell you the environmental impact of the food you're about to purchase. Yes, if those bananas rode in the back of a smog-spewing 18-wheeler for a couple thousand miles to reach you, you'll know about it. The idea is to make your own environmental impact more immediate, and it would be sure to have huge impacts on the way people shop. Will it ever hit actual supermarkets? Time will tell.

ComputerWorld, via The Raw Feed