Cubicle alarm system keeps the cube protected from baddies, bosses

Don't even think that those podunk methods of cubicle protection with suffice. You have to load up your cube with weapons of all types if you want to keep those baddies from snatching your TPS reports and Swingline staplers. This trio of cubicle protection devices will ensure the safety of everything in your tiny 5-foot by 5-foot home.

One of the devices in the protection trio simply serves as a watchdog. It can monitor the entrance to your cube and upon detection it will alarm the other two devices that battle is imminent. The second unit will shoot out a red laser beam capable of sending even the toughest of bosses whimpering and crawling into a corner. And if that isn't enough the third device shoots extremely non-lethal missiles at the enemy. This entire system will set you back $40, which is practically nothing compared to how much protection this trio will provide. Now aren't you glad you are spending your Saturday planning out your cubicle protection schemes? Click the link below to see a video of this protection system in action.

Shooting Cubicle Alarm System, via Coolest-Gadgets