California cafeterias replace plastic forks with potato forks

The forks and knives above may look like plastic silverware, but they're made out of potato starch and soy oil. We know you're thinking, "can I eat them?" and the answer is yes and no. If you did eat one, it wouldn't poison you, but since this cutlery is sturdy enough to withstand the microwave and hot soups, it probably wouldn't make you feel very good.

According to this article, you can't just throw Spudware in your compost heap and expect it to biodegrade. Instead, it needs to be processed in the higher temperatures of a commercial composting facility, something that can only be found in very green cities like Berkley. Even so, Spudware is far better for the environment than plastic silverware. The greenest solution would be not to use any disposable cutlery at all.

Treecycle, via Spluch