Bring the electronic ego into the real world with the VanityRing

Don't kid yourself, you've Googled your own name to see what is out there or to check for how many hits you get. Now instead of just telling people that your name get X number of results, you can show it off with this VanityRing. Dock the ring every night and it will search Google for the results with your name. Then it will display the hits on a small LCD screen on the ring for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the VanityRing isn't available for purchase — it is just a design project by Markus Kison.

The only problem with this system is that Google results numbers are more the result of commonness of a name, rather than actual popularity. So you automatically win if your last name is Pitt, Spears or Pokemon.

VanityRing, via OhGizmo!