BladeRunner GPS jacket: LoJack for your kid

Few things can be as terrifying for a parent as losing track of your child. Fortunately, technology has a solution that will let you know your kid's location by computer, cell phone, or BlackBerry. We've wondered about privacy implications of tracking people with GPS-enabled garments before, but because it's aimed at young kids, the BladeRunner should raise fewer "big brother" concerns.

I see other problems, however. For starters, unless you happen to live in Barrow, Alaska, the chances your kid will be wearing this big parka on any given day are pretty slim. Then there's the $500+ price tag, and the $20 monthly service fee. Plus the fact that most kids lose things like jackets on a regular basis, and you'll understand why the GPS shoesmake more sense to me. Then again, the tracking feature does make for a nifty lost-jacket locator.

The GPS Tracker jacket is available now in the U.K. from BladeRunner, with no word yet on U.S. availability.

BladeRunner, via Guardian Unlimited