Automated pod cars to provide speedy, comfortable transportation to the weary

Plans are underway to implement a personal rapid transit (or PRT) system at Heathrow Airport, Britain that will ferry tired passengers from the main terminal to its car parks. The driverless, four-seater cars operate on a closed system so they won't have to contend with traffic, and there are no stops along the way. At the moment, Heathrow officials are aiming for an ambitious 12 second average wait time for travelers.

More than just comfort, PRT systems are reemerging as an attractive prospect as the vehicles operate on very little energy, not to mention a closed guideway allows for a variety of flexible energy solutions, such as renewable solar power. If the Heathrow pods prove to be efficient enough, similar transit solutions might be seen taking on a larger role at Heathrow and perhaps other places as well.

Guardian, via Cherryflava