Your iPod and HD Radio form an unlikely alliance in Polk's I-Sonic 2

Polk Audio's I-Sonic 2 entertainment system isn't an upgrade from the first I-Sonic — it's almost a completely different table radio. First, it uses the latest HD Radio tuner available, which should theoretically make the I-Sonic 2 a better-performing HD Radio. Then there's the iPod docking station that's hidden beneath a sliding door. Composite- and S-video outputs let you watch your iPod videos on a TV.

The I-Sonic 2 also features "iTunes tagging." It works like so: You hear a song you like on HD Radio, then you push the Tag button and the info is saved. Later, when you connect your iPod to your computer, you can sample or buy the song on iTunes.

Using a power port bass venting system, the four-speaker I-Sonic 2 is a tabletop radio with the potential to sound like a much bigger stereo system. It'll be available in November for $500. Spy a pic of the IS2's back panel after the jump.

Via Polk Audio