Wind-Up Lamp makes your room more whimsical

This fanciful Wind-Up Lamp is a concept design by Yuko Taguchi looks like something out of a fantasy storybook, but it actually serves a clever and useful purpose in addition to looking cool. That key on the side can be turned, and as it winds its way down, it acts as a timer. When the time's up, the lamp turns itself off.

It's perfect for people who read until they fall asleep, leaving the light on all night. And while, sure, you could add a digital timer rather than the key to it, where's the fun in that? Where's your sense of whimsy? I personally feel that whimsy is really underrepresented in gadget design, and I salute Yuko for injecting some into her light. Kudos, Yuko.

Hulgerisation, via Red Ferret