Will self-cooled bottles mean even more sales for Coca-Cola?

As a self-avowed Coca-Cola fanatic, I'm downright excited about word that the soda giant is preparing to come out with self-cooled bottles that chill on the inside as soon as a thirsty consumer twists off the top. Sodaholics know there's nothing sadder, or less appealing, than a warm soda. Well, except for maybe a warm beer. But I digress.

Details of the new bottle technology, which apparently has been in the works for years, are sketchy, but reports claim the new bottles will be tested next year in the U.K. with a product to be dubbed "Sprite Super Chilled." The new bottles apparently require a special vending machine that regulates the temperature differently than existing machines, but hey, if it works, it could lead to Coke selling even more soda than it does now, which is mind-boggling.

Moreover, imagine sipping your terminally cold soda as you keep your rump cool on one of these, and suddenly those scorching summer days don't seem so insufferable.

The Mirror, via CrunchGear