WallyPower yacht is from the future of the 1980s

If you've got a gigantic pile of money sitting around and nothing constructive to do with it and also happen to have fantasies about being a James Bond supervillain, I've got something for you. It's the 118 WallyPower yacht, one of the silliest looking and silliest named boats around. And while it might look like it just came out of a 1980s spy movie, it's definitely 21st century.

With three gas turbines providing a whopping 16,800 HP of thrust and a top speed of 60 knots, it's one of the most powerful boats around. Inside, it's pure class, with accommodations for six guests and six crew/henchmen, six Panasonic LCD TVs, a full kitchen, and a glass dining and lounge area. All this for only $24,000,000? Where do I sign?!

Super Yacht Times, via Born Rich