Transparent kayak offers clear view of murky depths

Why struggle with other tourists for the best seat on a glass-bottomed boat when you could explore on your own in a small boat made entirely of glass? Well, one reason might be that his transparent canoe/kayak from Hammacher Schlemmer costs $1,600.

Beyond its intimidating price tag, the boat seems like a great way to explore a reef without damaging delicate coral with scuba fins or getting damaged by sea urchins. The canoe is made from "durable material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets." As long as that material is impermeable to scratches from sand and rocks, this see-through kayak idea might really catch on. It's certainly guaranteed to make users less claustrophobic than Hammacher's overpriced water sports toy from last year: the floating, semi-see-through hamster wheel on water

Transparent Canoe-Kayak, via Popgadget