Tokyoflash doesn't want you to know what time it is

If you've never seen one of the groovy watches Tokyoflash puts out, then chances are you're scratching your head right now. Don't worry about it — we do the same thing. Pictured above is the "Geomesh," and, boy oh boy, this time we had to look to a diagram to help us read it. (Click through now for the diagram if you're already smoking out the ears.)

Tokyoflash's description is a little ominous, as it pegs the watch as "some kind of satellite tracking system, the LED's in Geomesh light up in various patterns that cryptically tell the time." To read time using the Geomesh's 27 LEDs, the wearer has to hunt down the different colored dots. Vertical green dots keep track of the hours, while horizontally traveling colors — red and yellow — indicate minutes. Red dots are five minute chunks; yellow dots for single minutes. Go ahead and practice on the watch above and see if you come up with 9:29.

Sound a bit confusing? It is. When a stranger asks you what time it is, you can proudly display to him the light show going on across your wrist and shrug. The Geomesh should be available soon for around $120.

Tokyoflash, via Technabob

CORRECTION: As jason22a pointed out below in the comments, it looks like I got my colors crossed. Yellow dots are in fact representative of five minute chunks, while red dots indicate single minutes. As if this watch wasn't already hard enough to read in the first place without me mucking it up, right?