Today's word is "Average," brought to you by Toshiba

The personal media player world is still rocking from Apple's avalanche of new releases, and now more than ever it's important for opponents of the immortal iPod to stand and deliver if they want to survive. While rumors hint that Microsoft is mirroring Apple's progress with its Zune, Toshiba, evidently, is content to stand in the back well out of profit's way with its Gigabeat T400.

The Gigabeat T400 isn't lacking anything. It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen for watching movies and navigation, a 4 GB flash drive, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, plays MP3, WAV, WMA and WMA lossless files, and features the easy-to-use cross for control. It's even slimmer than the iPod Mini. But it's just the same old flash-based Gigabeat with the ability to play video. Enough to keep up, maybe, but not to get ahead. The Gigabeat T400 is out now and sells for $120.

Infosyncworld, via Everything USB