Thinking of buying this $150,000 turntable? Kill yourself.

No, this isn't a reject from this summer's Transformers movie; it's a turntable. And not just any turntable, either: an idiotically expensive turntable aimed at lobotomized, overmonied audiophiles.

Yes, it's the "Work of Art" (yes, that's the product name) from Basis Audio, and it'll set back guys who drive Bentleys and vacation in Dubai $150,000. What drives the price so high? Well, beyond the fact that people are out there who are willing to pay that much, it also has some fancy anti-vibration technology, and, well, a wacky design. I'm sure it'll make your old Eagles records sound way better than they do on your 30-year-old Technics player, but I somehow doubt it'll make them sound $150,000 better.

Born Rich, via Crave