Spykee the spy 'bot watches your home while you're away

Spykee, the robot formerly known as Spyke, made its first American appearance today at Digital Life. The 'bot, which you can control from remote locations via Wi-Fi, reminds us a lot of the ConnectR robot that iRobot introduced today. While the ConnectR is supposed to take care of your family and Spykee is supposed to you're your home safe (and be a toy: it functions as an mp3 player and transforms into a moon rover and a "Scorpion"), the two machines basically have the same capabilities. Their functions center around a web camera, and they share self-docking capabilities, the ability to be driven from afar, and VoIP.

Spykee is manufactured by Erector and its parts are compatible with other Erector sets. It will retail for $299 — $100 less than its originally proposed price.

Via Erector