Sony monolith holds 200 discs and 500 GB, burns Blu-ray

An easy way to cut down on the amount of space taken up by a comprehensive movie, music and disc library is to buy a storage tower to put all the discs in. While a simple wooden shelf would do the trick, it gets tedious pretty quickly, having to sort through your library to find what you want. That's where disc changers come in.

Here's hoping Sony's HES-V1000 megachanger isn't as huge as it looks, though it has enough stuff crammed inside to justify its potential size. It holds 200 Blu-ray discs (which is just about all of them, right?), but if you don't have that many you could also toss DVDs or CDs in there as well. It also has a 500-GB hard drive to store additional music, movies and photos, and the ability to burn all of those onto Blu-ray discs. Digital shutterbugs should be happy to know that the tower reads the most common forms of flash memory rather than just Sony's proprietary Memory Sticks — a departure from Sony products of the past. The HES-V1000 can also connect to the Internet to gather information about what discs it's holding and to interact with available computers or, of course, a PlayStation 3 on the network.

Due out in October, the HES-V1000 will set you back $3,500, so only those in serious want of storage should apply.

Via Crave