Sony G-series gets more than just a performance boost

Announcements about an upgrade to a line of laptops usually consists of minor performance tweaks: a faster processor, larger hard drive, and/or a thinner and lighter body. Sony's VAIO G-Series is no exception, with options for faster Core 2 Duo processors rather than the old Core Solo ones, and larger 48 GB or 64 GB SSD drives.

But what's really exciting is the prevention methods that protect the VAIO G from accidental spills. Instead of getting fried, the G-series will be able to expel water out of the rear of the laptop, and if there is simply too much water to get rid of the machine can shut itself down to prevent permanent damage. The 12.1" VAIO G weighs under two pounds and is one of Sony's lightest notebooks. The upgrade will only be enjoyed by Japan for the time being, and, with customizable options, the VAIO G falls anywhere between $1500 and $2500.

Akihabara News, via Engadget