Sony rolls out next generation TV Walkman

The new Sony Walkman A910 series has just been announced and while it doesn't offer touch-screen functionality or a Starbucks tie-in like the iPod Touch, the list of what it can do is impressive. The A910 series offers a music player (MP3, AAC, linear PCM and WMA), video player, television tuner and FM radio tuner all rolled into one package. The device also sports a 2.4-inch display, and offers 16 gigabytes of flash memory allowing you to listen to 36 hours of music, watch 6 hours of TV and record up to 16 hours TV.

Included in the package are noise-canceling headphones, and an internal EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) that allows you to schedule recordings of upcoming TV shows (think TiVo in the palm of your hand). At present the device is only compatible with Windows operating systems and no U.S. rollout date has been announced. The A910 series goes on sale in Japan on November 3 in three model configurations: The NW-A916, 4 gigabytes for 30,000 yen ($260), NW-A918, 8 gigabytes for 35,000 yen ($303) and the NW-A919, 16 gigabytes for 45,000 yen ($390).

Via Sony