Slingbox SOLO hits the Slingbox line sweet spot

Sling Media, makers of the Slingbox line of place-shifting devices and recent acquirement of EchoStar, have just announced their new SOLO model of Slingbox. Between the AV unit and the Pro unit on the price/feature scale, it's aimed at people who want more features without breaking the bank for all the Pro's doodads.

You get the same basic features of all Slingboxes — that is, being able to control and watch your TV and DVR from any computer with an Internet connection and the proper software. It's a sweet device, and the SOLO doesn't change the winning formula. The big upgrade from the AV is that the SOLO can handle an HD signal, although only one (hence the name), unlike the Pro, which can handle a whopping four. For most users, this will probably be the choice they'll want to make, keeping the price at a reasonable $180 (compared to $230 for the pro and $130 for the AV) while delivering the HD functionality that people will want.

SlingMedia, via CrunchGear