SanDisk Sansa View MP3 player: 16 GB for $200

Now that Apple's set the tone for the fall harvest of MP3 players, other manufacturers are beginning to make their countermoves. SanDisk, one of the big makers of flash-memory players, today did a decent job of one-upping Apple with its Sansa View. Sporting a 2.4-inch LCD, the View gives you a hell of a lot of memory for the price — 16 GB for $200. That's twice the capacity of a new iPod Nano at the same price. Even if you go for the 8-GB version, you'll only have to part with $150. Hard to believe that it was only a few years ago when a 64-megabyte player cost about the same.

SanDisk says the player will be out in October, so you may want to wait on getting that new Nano until you have a chance to try it out. After all, the View plays video, too, and its screen is a bit bigger (2.4 inches instead of just 2). It also has a pretty nice form factor with a depth that's a mere 0.35 inches. Throw in that unbeatable price, and this is one View that looks pretty good.

SanDisk Sansa View, via CrunchGear