RFID wine rack helps you know what you're talking about

Well stocked wine racks have always greatly intimidated me. All those different years, all that history — how can I be expected to keep them straight? You'd think in this modern age we live in, someone would come up with a wine rack that told me all about what I just bought so I could impress my friends.

The WineM by ThingM looks like it fits the bill. It's a wine rack that employs several radio scanners which can read the RFID product tags on the wine bottles it stores. It'll gather all of the information it can including the name of the wine, year, price, and so forth, and even allows you to input more data as you wish using a hand-held browser. So what you end up with is a wine inventory that you can search and detail — a fine thing for anyone seriously into wine or for fancy restaurants. And, to top it all off, the rack's got hundreds of LEDs built into each cell for a truly stylish presentation. Right now the WineM is still more or less a concept, but with how useful it looks we're hoping it doesn't stay one for very long. Click on through for a video of the lights in action.

Todbot, via Makezine, via Übergizmo