Remote-Controlled Laser Combat Cars pit you against human or artificial intelligence

Our interest was piqued with those radio controlled tanks that fought with infrared cannons, but here's the next step in model warfare, Remote-Controlled Laser Combat Cars that use that same infrared laser tech to vanquish their opponents with even more speed and maneuverability. Either engage in combat with the human foe at the remote controls, or switch the opposing car into artificial intelligence mode, pitting you against the unflinching, cold, calculated and sinister forces of the digital mind.

There's none of that recharging nonsense of other small remote-controlled vehicles, either, where every few minutes you must charge each car's battery, breaking the flow of the action. However, each car requires a half-dozen AA batteries to keep it running, and the two remote controls each require a 9-volt battery. Never mind that, just keep your opponent from hitting you 10 times with his laser, and you'll emerge victorious. Shipping in the beginning of October, these 6-inch remote control warriors will be selling for $99.95.

Hammacher, via Coolest Gadgets