PS3s to get yet another price/model change?

Oh, Sony. As soon as it seems like it might be a good time to get a PlayStation 3, your people go and do something that makes it make more sense to wait. First, they launched it at an insane price-point. Then they dropped the price by $100 and axed the low-end 20-GB model, only to add a newer, 80-GB model at the old price.

Now things seemed to have settled down a bit, and it might be a good time to buy… right? Wrong. New rumors have it that the 80-GB PS3 will drop to $500, the 60-GB models will get the axe, and a new 40-GB model will hit for $400. Make up your mind, Sony! You launched a year ago with a 60-GB and 20-GB lineup, now you're going to discontinue both to introduce minor upgrades. Well, I guess you will be getting more for your buck, which is nice, but who knows; maybe there'll be another price change in a couple more months.

Via Technabob