Panasonic puts HD in the palm of your hand

Panasonic's latest pair of HD camcorders, the HDC-SX5 an the HDC-SD5, are pretty damn small. So small, in fact, that they are calling the HDC-SD5 the world's smallest "palm-style 3CCD full-HD camcorder." While that's just a bit of press mumbo-jumbo, we got to see both of them in the flesh and can tell you that they are in fact light and easy to handle. It's a shame they don't shoot 1080p, though that would mean jacking up the price considerably.

The SX5 is the cheaper model and records onto both SD cards and DVDs. Being able to record on two different formats not only gives you some flexibility, but if you find yourself full you can always switch over to the other in a pinch. The SX5's even slimmer cousin, the SD5, only records onto SD cards, but those of you in the market for a new TV might be interested in Panasonic's PZ77 series of 1080p plasma televisions, as they can play the footage straight from an SD card, as well as view pictures. The SX5 is cheaper at $900, while the more portable SD5 costs $1000.