Panasonic iris scanner offers security and barks orders

Panasonic has unveiled the next generation in biometric security with the release of the BM-ET200 eye scanner. After scanning a person's iris the device can make an accurate identification within 0.3 seconds. Fitted with dual mirrors (for proper eye alignment) and USB access, the BM-ET200 also includes voice guidance.

The voice guidance system issues directions, such as "please move a little closer," in Japanese, English, French, German, and Swedish, just in case you didn't understand the instructions muttered by the Stormtrooper manning the entrance to your work cubicle or airplane flight. The BM-ET200 is available in the U.S. immediately for $2,417. Panasonic also has a great little video showing the BM-ET200 in action using scores of willing Japanese workers happily being scanned here.

Via Panasonic