Other Apple news you might have missed today

Didn't you hear? Apple unleashed an entirely new lineup of iPods today. But that's not all! Here's a rundown of some of the smaller news items you might have missed in the product explosion:

  • Ringtones on the iPhone: for an additional 99 cents, you can edit your own ringtones (between 3 and 30 seconds) out of any number of songs (500,000 iTunes songs are available at the moment) and slap them on your iPhone. That's pretty steep for songs you already own, don't you think?
  • iPhone Price Cut: the 4-GB iPhone has gone the way of the dodo, and the 8-GB model has dropped in price by $200 to a much nicer $399.
  • Wi-Fi Music Store: you can now buy any song from iTunes directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch using Wi-Fi.
  • Starbucks Deal: when you go to a Starbucks with either an iPhone or an iPod touch, it'll hook you up to the Wi-Fi and tell you what songs are playing and have recently played. You'll have free access to the Wi-Fi Music Store to buy them. Sadly, you don't get free Wi-Fi in Starbucks other than to use the store.

It's been a busy day in Apple land. Pity the other gadget companies that want to get their news heard today; it's alllll Apple.

Via Apple