One-wheeler looks futuristic but scary

So we've seen crazy bikes with too many wheels, but how about a giant unicycle? The Wheelsurf out of the Netherlands is just that. Well, on second thought, it's more like a motorcycle without a backseat to pick up chicks.

The Wheelsurf's Honda engine is capable of propelling it almost 20 miles per hour, and to stay upright the pilot needs to keep the center bar more or less level with the horizon. Turning is as simple (or as terrifying) as shifting your weight in either direction, and braking is accomplished through a combination of gently twisting the brake handle and leaning back at the same time. The only other daunting part of the Wheelsurf is the price, as it costs around $6,900. Click on through if you're curious to see the Wheelsurf in action.

Wheelsurf, via Crave