Nutty pen looks like it should do more than it does

If I say the glass is half empty, you might say the glass is half full. The engineer, however, says the glass is designed to be twice as large as it needed to be. A good engineer, anyway. The minds behind the Free Ride Pen didn't get the memo about beauty in simplicity.

So what's this pen do? It writes. Yep, that's it. I know it's got a crazy wheel-like doodad sticking out there and rubber all over it, but no hidden tricks here. The rubber is strategically placed to cushion everywhere your fingers rest - even the push button to get the nib out. The graceful arch of the pen's shape is held together by screws drilled by hand. In fairness, maybe this really is the most comfortable pen in the world, but at $140 (or more, if you're into chrome) I'll probably never find out.

Joon Pens, via Crave