Music industry proves how out of touch it is with 'Ringles'

Boy, is the record industry ever scramblin'. They know the CD is just about dead, and now they're looking for a new way to make money off their artists. Their solution? Ringles. Nope, I'm not kidding, unfortunately for the record industry.

What, pray tell, are Ringles? Why, they're little CDs that will have three songs, a ringtone, and a desktop wallpaper on them. The price? Six to seven bucks. Here's a conservative prediction about Ringles: They'll be a horrible, horrible failure. People won't even know they existed they'll fail so fast. Seriously, $7 for a CD single, a ringtone, and a JPG? Are you kidding me? What kind of lobotomized jackass would buy that? Look, I know the marketplace is changing fast and you're trying to keep up, but at least try to maintain your dignity. That's pathetic.

Reuters, via Boy Genius