Mobile TV that talks for Japanese schoolgirls

Never have Anime schoolgirls been used so effectively to promote a product than with the new Segnity television tuner. E-Revolution and Tomy have released this portable 1Seg (a mobile digital audio and video broadcasting service in Japan) television viewer with a 2.7-inch screen, powered via USB or just a few AAA batteries. Framed around the device on e-Revolution's site are numerous Anime-style illustrations of Japanese schoolgirls enthralled by the tiny gadget — an odd choice given the Segnity's decidedly non-cute exterior.

There's even a "Voice Mode" that offers audio prompts for different functions, likely in a similarly squeaky Anime voice. The company promotes the sleek device (available in black or gray) using cutesy Anime characters, but this is probably more of a Akihabara geek guy toy than the next Japanese schoolgirl trend.

Via Rakuten