Matrix Robe lets your inner geek flow

Is your urge to be Neo from "The Matrix" films strong enough that the super deluxe Neo Halloween costume just isn't enough? Perhaps you'll soon be able to live out your geeky dreams while lounging around the house in comfort in the Matrix Bathrobe concept from architect Bart Lens. Designed with the kind of oversized, flowing material that made Keanu Reeves look so freakin' cool during his fight scenes, Lens' robe (which appears to be designed only in white) promises "a dashing, hussar-like appearance" to those who wear it.

Given that a good portion of "Matrix" freaks probably spend most of their lives playing games like World of Warcraft, Lens' robe might actually be considered round-the-clock fashion for the nerd set. Pair the robe with these Matrix goggles, and the Halloween costume isn't even necessary. And if "The Matrix" isn't old-school enough for you, the Matrix Robe also can double as a Jedi Knight gown. Any way you look at it, once you put this baby on, you should be defying the laws of physics any minute.

Check out some more cool pics after the jump.

Designer's site, via Yanko Design