Kanvas roll-up display brings slideshows into the 21st Century

One thing digital technology has all but done away with is the venerable slide projector. Portable screens and individual slides have given way to photo memory cards and slim TVs. One problem with the new-school method is those TVs aren't very portable. Sure, you could jam all your pics on your iPod or something, but those small screens won't do for a crowd.

Timo Wong brings the slideshow into the 21st Century with his Kanvas display. Rolling up just like the classic variety, the collapsible easel holds a 30-inch screen. The big upgrade is that the screen's made of color e-paper, so there's no projector needed — no need to dim the lights, even. Just plug in a memory card and start flipping through photos and video with your remote control.

As you can probably guess, though, the Kanvas is just a concept product, with no current plans for a release, or even a working prototype for that matter. There'd also certainly be problems (and huge costs) with creating such a large color e-paper display. And would there even be demand for such a device? Seems cute, but I don't know if I'd ever use it. Anyone out there longing for the Kanvas? Feel free to comment.

Timo Wong, via MoCo Loco