Insense goggles: For serious virtual-reality addicts

Fashion-wise, Benjamin Hubert's "Insense" home virtual-reality headset (as opposed to all those office virtual-reality headsets) is miles ahead of other similarly themed gadgets we've seen. But these VR goggles are a little hazy on the function side, with Ben's site implying they work together with a chip implanted in your brain to stimulate you with "feedback from a sensory-rich reality." Sounds simultaneously pleasant and excruciating.

Still, why go through the trouble of putting chips in your motor cortex when we already know how to trigger out-of-body experiences with much less invasive techniques? Maybe just using the Insense goggles by themselves would give you a decent enough VR experience. That is, if they were real… from the look of the renderings and the brain-chip concept, I take it Insense isn't available for purchase, unlike some other Hubert projects. The pics are pretty cool, though — have a gander at a couple more after the jump.

Via Benjamin Hubert